June 27, 2013

Two Wheeler Ownership Transfer Procedures in Bangalore

1.    Take the ‘B-Register Extract from’. (This is required only when the buyer address falls under different RTO). (‘B-Register Extract from’ is an extract of the B register maintained in the office where the registration details, ownership details and tax paid details are recorded. An extract showing the latest details are issued to the applicant. An application on plain paper along with a prescribed fee of Rs. 10/- (payable at R.T.O. Cash counter) mentioning the vehicle number and purpose for which the extract is required shall be made to obtain B extract. The B-extract will be delivered on the same day. You can also get this form from ‘BangloreOne’ Centers by paying Rs.18/-)

2.     Buy an ‘Ownership Transfer Booklet’ with all required forms. It is available near all RTO offices or download necessary forms from http://rto.kar.nic.in/.

3.     Take signatures from the seller at all required places. In the booklet it is marked where all to put signatures. Buyer also put signatures only on Form 30 at required places.

4.      Fill all the forms.

5.      Visit the RTO office where the buyer's address falls in their jurisdiction.

6.      Arrange ‘Ownership Transfer Booklet’ with all the below documents in order:
-         Rs.35/- (Transfer Fee) + Rs.200/- (Smart Card Fee) i.e. total of Rs.235/- paid receipt (attach including the copy)
-         4 Photos (Buyer’s) in a small plastic envelope
-         Form 29 (Filled) (2 Copies)
-         Form 30 (Filled)
-         Original RC book (go with copy of this so that you will get it as acknowledgment with RTO office seal)
-         Copy of Tax paid card with up-to-date tax paid proof.
-         Emission Certificate Copy
-         Insurance Certificate Copy
-         Address Proof of Buyer as per rule 4 of CMV rules (BSNL bill may not be accepted. Passport/ Ration Card/ Electricity Bill should be fine, if the buyer’s name and address is there. If the buyer is having only rented home agreement, then he needs an affidavit on 20Rs stamp paper from Notary + Letter from your company HR to RTO stating your residential address)
-         Buyer’s self-addressed Courier Envelope with 17Rs. stamps affixed on it for Local Speed Post. You will get this near all RTO office.

7.      Submit all the above documents to officer at RTO. He will check and put his signature. Pay the prescribed amount (i.e. Rs. 235/-). Submit all your documents to the clerk, he will give you acknowledgement receipt with RTO official seal (In some RTO’s will sign the photocopy of RC with seal and given to you as an acknowledgement).

8.     After 1 week, you should receive RC book/Smart card by post with your name and address in it.

 Procedure at Insurance Office
  1. Within 2 weeks of receiving RC book from RTO, visit Insurance office with original   insurance document, your address proof, 2 photos, RC book and your vehicle (for inspection).
  2. Pay Rs.50/- for change of ownership. Take receipt for the same.
  3. Take the insurance paper in original on your name in 10 minutes.


harrys2081 said...

Excellent info thank you....

Rahul Singh said...

Do i need to go to the same RTO where the bike is registered or can i go to any rto as my address falls under a different rto.

S Vimal Kumar said...

Excellent info thank you....

santhosh kumar said...
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lee woo said...

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Pawan Barnwal said...

Nice and correct info...thanks a lot

Rajiv said...

Good info. I however have an opposite case that I need your opinion on. I sold my 2 wheeler couple of months back. I had signed all the forms needed for the buyer to get the ownership transferred and have kept the "Delivery Note" form with the buyer's signature. The buyer however has not yet got the vehicle transferred in his name. What is my liability in this case? How can I get the vehicle de-registered from my name if the buyer does not present those forms at the RTO?

Hasmeet Singh said...


I need to sell my bike and I just realized that my name is wrong in the RC i.e. one extra alphabet inserted in the name.
Will there be any issues while transferring the ownership ?

Also,I need to get bike policy done. Should I use the same name as mentioned in the RC ?

Please help.


Sanjay Bist said...

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Zepharia Andres said...

I really enjoyed reading your article. I found this as an informative and interesting post, so i think it is very useful and knowledgeable. I would like to thank you for the effort you have made in writing this article.


ravi kiran said...

I am planning to bike,owner was died his son selling bike.In this case son can able to transfer from our name? What kind of problems we face if we buy.

Sateesh Kumar Koneru said...

Nice one ☺

Rahul Sinha said...

'Ownership Transfer Booklet' I don't see it anywhere ? Can someone provide the link ? I did get the forms CMV-29 & 30 but not 'Ownership Transfer Booklet'.


Unknown said...

Can we take bextract from online with tax amount

Rahul Sinha said...

Don't think so but I easily got it at Bangalore One for Rs.18 in 5minutes and without going in any queue. All thanks to this blog post.


rev said...

Hi All,

Today I had gone to KR Puram RTO office to buy a scooter which was registered in Indira Nagar.
It was a little procedure but totally worth it.
Documents Required:
#Form 29,30 (online to download)
#B-extract - In your RC there is something called "c"/"S"..Etc, this is nothing but the area .. south,central..
Initially I went without it and the RTO guy told me since it's C I have to go to Koramangala office and get it, but since I read many blogs before going I took it from Bangalore1 office, and when I gave that he was like u cannot bring it from there, then I told the end product is same wherever u get it from..Then he agreed, but was v rude to people who are going without an agent as he will not get his commission.

# RC,Insurance, Pollution, photo.
RC card original put in a small plastic cover.
U will get a file like and thread to buy outside the RTO without which he will not accept the application.

# And few other doc's like rental agreement and power bill and any id proof and pan card, most of the required docs will be mentioned on the wall..Btw it's in 2nd floor.

# Put all the docs in file and give it to the buy in counter he will try to find mistakes and then finally say ok and put signatures.

# take to file to ground floor and pay the fee of 390 and again go to him.

# then again he will check and instruct to go to the next counter to do computer entry.

# after computer entry they will tell to get 63(no clue initially), go to ground floor and see for smart card, the code is 63, buy a sticker worth 63 and they will stick it on Ur bill for 390.

# again go that arrogant guy and he will tell to get it numbered, go to the last counter and he will check something and will write a number.

# finally again go to the main guy he will check again and tell to go the next counter to get it entered in records, a lady will take down the details and u will get an acknowledgment and done!!!.

So make sure u have everything in order and it's a piece of cake.

Bhagath kg said...
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Bhagath kg said...

For all your doubts can be cleared in below link.


Sambaran Ghosh said...

I bought a bike but without insurance. I want to transfer ownership of the bike to my name, for that I need insurance. So can I buy a fresh insurance in my name, and then transfer ownership? Or do I need to buy insurance in original owner's name, then transfer ownership then again change name of insurance holder to my name?

Rahul Sinha said...

I would recommend taking the insurance in the name of the existing buyer and once ownership transfer is done, then transfer it in your name.


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ashish rai said...

The owner's RTO office is 215 Km far from My RTO office. Is it required to visit physically their to get B- Extract??.. or is their any other way to get it online or near by my RTO? Please suggest.

Meghshyam Gaur said...

Afraid, B Extract can only be arranged from original RTO. Pay Rs.10 at the cash counter and submit the receipt to the respective officer.

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